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A request to God

Dear God, Please can we have one more cold day? (Cuz it was depressing as hell when the last day of winter was hot) Just one more day, That stays cool through morning, afternoon and evening. Just one more beautiful … Continue reading

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Kotonoha no Niwa

The newest work of my beloved Makoto Shinkai-Kotonoha no Niwa! Also known as the Garden of Words, it’s the latest film adaption produced by CoMix Wave Films. Directed by Makoto Shinkai, who was also the maker of 5 Centimetres Per Second. … Continue reading

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The Art of Hearing Heartbeats by Jan-Philipp Sendker

When a successful New York lawyer suddenly disappears without a trace, neither his wife nor his daughter Julia has any idea where he might be-until they find a love letter he wrote many years ago to a Burmese woman. Intent … Continue reading

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Black cat in Gold

Black cat, black cat, Little black cat, Rolling in a pile of gold. Sleek sleek black coat Glimmering beneath   tangerines   amber   brass   rust The fiery tree looks down with tenderness, As the little piece of dark golden joy Sits up, A … Continue reading

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When I look at the trees dancing with the light and curtsying to the wind, I cannot help but think they are so much more alive than the jaded jewels we compare them with. Just a thought.

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Evening Sky by Ailee

Hey guys, I came across this beautiful video today and wanted to share. The song is by kpop artist Ailee, and I’m not sure what the movie is. And I know, I’m a hopeless romantic 🙂 Hope you guys are … Continue reading

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‘Love wants to enjoy in other ways the human being whom it has enjoyed in bed; it looks forward to having breakfast. But in the morning, Lust is always furtive. It dresses as mechanically as it undressed and heads straight … Continue reading

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Little Thoughts-Cousin

Hi guys! So now, I’m thinking of introducing a little project in my blog where at least once a week, I put up a ‘little thought’. It’s just something that’s convenient since usually I have so many scraps of stuff … Continue reading

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Such beautiful music

I have found the perfect album to listen to while studying. Such beautiful music. Put it up here so you guys can have a try 🙂

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