I love it

The sharp spice of rain in the air
I love it
The tear-streaked windows
I love it
The shiny red umbrellas
I love it
The soft pitter patter of companionship
I love it
The endless and mindless sky
I love it

Rain isn’t gloomy or punishable. It’s a gift, blurring and softening the hard edges of our lives to make temporary relief and a new beginning.

I love it.

Note: Just a short piece I wrote when I was staring at the rain through my window while my friend on the phone was going on and on about how it was terrible; the rain was killing her and she hated it; it was horrible, it was all its fault, it was somehow became the cause of all her misfortune and-NKJBJABJHBGJHBJHB Sorry. Just ranting here.

By the way, how lovely is this? It’s the music for The Blue Umbrella, Disney’s latest shortest clip. I got the chance to watch it before my movie started and it was lovely. Reminds me just of rain.

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[Book review] Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Genres: Young adult, Dystopia, Romance
Rating: Two out of five stars

I’ve heard a lot about Delirium and finally decided to pick it up after it becoming stale on my reading list. But honestly, I thought it was a waste of my time. To be more specific, the book wasn’t actually that bad, the plotline was pretty engaging, the aspect of love being treated as a disease was pretty fresh (but kind of unlikely to actually happen in the future) and allowed Lauren Oliver to explore than depth and consequences of human emotions. I thought the main characters were done okay (except at times I was annoyed by Lena’s constant paranoia). But I was just tired.

I mean, everything was pretty predictable. After reading so many other dystopian books lately, such as Matched, Ugly and Under the Never Sky, I was just so tired of the same thing going on over and over again. It was sheltered-girl-gets-lured-out-by-outsider-boy-falls-for-him-then-realises-how-screwed-up-her-society-is all over again. I was just so sick of it.

It’s what make other dystopian books (even though they might not be so great) stand out for me, like Divergent or The Knife of Never Letting Go, because they don’t follow this stereotyped pattern that so many other dystopian books have fallen into. I must say, if I haven’t had any of these other books to compare Delirium to, my rating probably wouldn’t been bumped up to three stars. (And yes, I’m finally rating my books now. Be happy for me.)

I don’t really have much left to say. I would recommend Delirium to a new Dystopian reader who’s looking for the usual romance, action and drama all rolled into one fast read, but not to people who have already read so many other books of the genre; this book will just be like all the others. Don’t waste your time.

If you disagree, feel free to comment why, if you just want to rage along, feel free to comment too. Hope you’re having a good weeks guys! 😀

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Hey there, guys! Feeling extremely happy for some reason and decided to make a post in celebration of it. It’s never occurred to me how hard it is to simply just feel happy, just to appreciate the sun shining (Well, more like appreciate the beautiful light that’s coming off my barbie lamp, it’s kind of not sunny right now in Australia) and I just feel happy. Which is kind of a rare occurrence on the holidays, I tend to overthink things a whole lot more during these times, I’ve thought about the catastrophes of the world, nerdfighters, anime, how to get out of shopping with my mother, how procrastination makes me feel bad (bad, as in the opposite of happy) but I still can’t stop doing it, how to cook the pigeon outside of my window, and all of this while on my bed! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

So yeah, my head’s not entirely on the ground yet, but still, happy. Happy is good! It’s nearly the end of the holidays and then I’ll have to go back to school (UGGGGGG) which makes me feel not good but happy all the same because then I’ll actually be forced to do something and be forced to climb over the brick wall of laziness that I’ve constructed with one arm while sleeping on my face or reading in bed (oh, how I adore reading in bed).

I would like to say I’ve done a lot of things these holidays but that is, unfortunately, not true. I have thought about lots of things, but I haven’t exactly achieved lots of things.

A list of things of my achievements these holidays that my mother would think aren’t really achievements but self proclaims to make myself feel better:

1. I bought five books these holidays (Yippee, yippee, yippee ‘Stop wasting your money on these things, do you know how much space they take up when we have to move?’)

2. I, uh, read a lot (‘And that’s going to help you pass your tests. I better see better grades for geography or science next term, young lady, or else I’ll be locking that shelf over there away.’)

3. I have slept a lot more and those eye bags are starting to fade! (‘You would be able to sleep a lot more during school term if you did your homework earlier!’)

4. I have…-okay, this list is starting to make me depressed-

So there you go! My one last holiday of relaxation before my next one full of cramming for the yearlies. How about you? What did you get up to this winter break (or summer break or autumn break or spring break, where ever you live is fine or even if you’re not having a break since you’re out of school, if you have something to rejoice, complain, yell out, there’s a box below this post in which you are free to say whatever).

And to finish this post off real happy-style, a vlogbrother’s video! (That made me happy. :))

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Quotes that keep on nigging

Hello! It’s been a while since my last post, you’d think that I would have more free time during winter break than I do during the school term but it’s turning out to be quite the opposite.

What are your favourite book quotes? (Usually one of my not-so-successful conversation starters) Why are they your favourite? Are they from a particular book, or do they describe what you’re feeling exactly? Are they just beautiful? Do they trigger fond memories or just get under your skin and nig at you all day long? I reckon I’ve got quotes that fit into all of these catergories.

Please share your favourite quotes; to crack a laugh, have a discussion, to release a sigh or just an inside joke, I’d love to hear them!

Hope everyone is well and life is good. 🙂


(My door, a collection of my favourite quotes from various books. The aim is to get a person reading, even if they’re standing outside ready to scold me ;))

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The lady with the glass heart

Her eyes are cast down,
Those beautiful delicate eyes,
To balance that horrendous hat of hers
On top her head.
A gaudy plume masks her chiffon curls
And sharpens her features tightly and harshly.
With your face down like that, my dear, you won’t know where to go!
Still, blindly and stony, she goes on her way,
Until one unfortunate, or rather very fortunate day,
She collides-
right into the firm chest of a gentleman!
His classy pocket watch that he was grasping
until it lands on the wet pavement with a clang.
Abashed and with a dappled blush,
Our young lady leans down to pick it up
Only to look into warm cinnamon eyes
that reach into her glass heart.
And then her hat
Until it rests to join the watch on the wet pavement.
Her hair, freed from those dreadful, aching curls,
Willows around her upturned face-
The same tender shade as those cinnamon eyes.

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The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness

Todd Hewitt is the last boy in Pren­tis­stown. But Pren­tis­stown isn’t like other towns. Every­one can hear every­one else’s thoughts in a con­stant, over­whelm­ing never-ending Noise. There is no pri­vacy. There are no secrets.

 Or are there?

Just one month away from the birth­day that will make him a man, Todd unex­pect­edly stum­bles upon a spot of com­plete silence.

Which is impossible.

 Pren­tis­stown has been lying to him.

And now he’s going to have to run…

My guttural reaction to this book:




There are so many dystopian books out there (it’s really starting this new trend) but The Knife of Never Letting Go has definitely been marked by a long shot as my favourite. Still blown away. Wow.

My first fully formed after recovering was that Ness doesn’t delve into all the scientific stuff about this alien new world; it’s rather simple actually, a convenient setting where he can truly capture the nature of mankind and their emotional and behavioural philosophy. His style of writing left no gap where I just put down the book and go, ‘Alrighty then, I’ll take a shower/eat/sleep/perform my necessary duties in order to live and finish it later.’ The scenes just strung me along, like I was on some kind of ride, some exhilarating, non-stop rollercoaster, even the quiet, wonderful moments in the story.

(Not trying to give anything away but one of my favourite scenes was the ‘Here’ scene. Just beautiful.)

And the characters. Oh, the characters. It’s a shock to think that they’re not real people, real living, breathing, feeling, growing people. They are so well developed, especially Todd. I felt that half of the book was centred around moulding him; his loss of innocence, his new friendships, his growth. It was amazing to go back to the front of the book and read how different he was and compare it to him at the end of book and go,’ Yeah. I’ve seen him grow. I know how he got there. Every step of the way.’ I kind of felt like a parent. All the characters were done just as well, Viola, Aaron, and even Manchee, the dog.

Even the style of the words were powerful. The story is narrated through words like ‘cuz’, ‘yer’ and ‘tho’, but it’s not a bad thing. You get used to it after a while and then it really feels like you are hearing Todd, cuz that’s the way he speaks. The book is brutal at times (both graphically and emotionally) but I reckon it adds an edge on things, sharpening the harsh reality of humankind.

All in all, The Knife of Never Letting Go is the first book in a while that I can say is truly amazing by all standards and has truly moved me. Truly. Of course, people will disagree but this is just my opinion and how I was affected. Feel free to comment if you do, I’ve been reading the reviews on Goodreads and they are extraordinarily diverse, ranging from five stars to just one. I still recommend this marvellous book though and am dying to get hold of the second.

‘Ulti­mately I think this is a story about hope. About grow­ing up in bleak and des­per­ate soci­ety and the dif­fi­cult choices we are forced to make along the way. About love and loy­alty between true friends, the evil that men can do, and strength and courage to stand against it. The Knife of Never Let­ting Go is a fan­tas­tic dystopian tale that sur­passes any I have read before. Patrick Ness has weaved together com­plex ideas of author­ity, con­trol, oppres­sion, sex­ism, equal­ity and moral­ity in one thrilling adven­ture. One I won’t be able to stop think­ing about for days after­wards — the sign of a truly pow­er­ful piece of fiction.’

-Paragraph taken from Turn The Page, read its review here:

Until next time!

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Excerpt from ‘From Up on Poppy Hill’

Excerpt from 'From Up on Poppy Hill'

Hey guys, recently I rewatched the movie From Up on Poppy Hill (Or Kokuriko-zaka kara), which is from my beloved Ghibli studios and directed by Goro Miyazaki and I noticed this pretty poem in it that I wanted to share.

‘Fair girl, why do you send
Your thoughts to the sky?
The wind carries them aloft
To mingle with the crows.
Trimmed with blue
Your flags fly again today.’

A fan made picture with scenes accompanying the poem, it earned an instant squeal.

It’s quite a slow paced movie compared to the other Studio Ghibli films but I loved it all the same. There are some snapshots of my favourite scenes and the trailer below if you’re interested! 🙂


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