About me

Heya! Welcome to the hiding behind books blog. This is just a place where I can hope to express myself more clearly, because I am horrible at doing it. I just want to be listened to and appreciated like any other person. I want people to comment on the things I say, I want advice on improvements and I just want to be heard because I’m way too shy to ask any of these things in real life. So, a toast! To you and me and the beautiful journey of literature, art, music and everything that is beautiful in the world and worth paying attention to.

5 Responses to About me

  1. estak says:


    I like your blog and I see that you’ve done some book reviews. I’m currently looking for people to review my serial novel, Dosterra, and wondered if you would be willing. It is a dystopian, sci fi, adventure story being published by chapter on a relatively new serial fiction site called JukePop Serials. The accompanying blurb is:

    “Dosterra is a wintry mining planet. With a monopoly on natural resources and transition technology, it is the undisputed leader of the Earth Origin Colonies. But Lexie has stumbled across something that threatens their dominance. What if their power was built on a lie? On the run, she’s forced to seek the help of Iden, a scientist with the Transition Regulation Centre, though his motives for helping her are unclear.”

    I’m not sure if it falls into one of your favorite genres, but it would be a fairly quick read because only six chapters have been published so far (basically I’m still in the intro of the overall story arc). If you decide to do a review for me, I am more than willing to reciprocate by doing a post about your blog on mine, or something along those lines.

    My main reasons for seeking reviews are: 1) This is my first novel—to date I’ve been more of a short story writer—and good feedback is hard to find (my husband and mother don’t count, though I appreciate their efforts). Even if the reviews I get are not raves, I’m hoping they will help me continue to improve as the novel progresses. 2) As any author would be, I’m hoping to give my work some visibility.

    If you are interested, you can see chapter one here: http://www.jukepopserials.com/home/read/111

    If at that point you want to continue, there are two options. First, you could actually sign up for the site, which is free. You simply click ‘register’ in the upper-right corner, give an email address, make up a password, and you’re in. The benefit to this would be that you could vote for my story as you read, and also the site has lots of great stories from many genres that might interest you.

    If, however, you don’t want to take part in the voting, that option can be turned off. Or if you simply don’t like the idea of signing up for JukePop, I understand and I’m willing to send you a PDF or epub instead. Though I’d appreciate it if the final review included the link above.

    (On an unrelated note, I was looking at your photography post and must say, I like the black and white ones. Something about monochrome gives depth to otherwise ordinary objects.)

    Responding via wordpress or email is fine. Hope to hear from you. Thanks,

    – K. Esta

    • Thankyou so much, I am honored that you’ve asked me and I’ll be more than willing to help. I admit, my reviews are not very mature and sci fi is not my forte but I will do my best! Thankyou again for asking, I’ll read the six chapter published so far and in a couple of days at the latest, there should be a review on it on my blog. Again, thankyou for this chance! 🙂

      • estak says:

        Awesome. Thank you so much. I’ll take all the feedback I can get. It’s totally fine that sci fi isn’t your forte, I don’t want my writing to be totally dependent on the reader being a die hard of the genre. I’m sure your perspective will be helpful.

  2. estak says:

    Didn’t see that you had done my review until today. Thanks, I’ll post about it tomorrow and include a link to the review and your home page. And you’re totally on the mark regarding the early chapters and not the first to say so. I appreciate that you took the time to review.

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