Sick with the flu AND FRUSTRATED

So, since you know I’ve been sick with the flu for the last few days, I would inevitably be missing out on school. I’m not going to lie; it is really frustrating. I feel that there have been more pressure than actually going to school and doing something. I have to call a friend every night to catch up on homework and I have sent all my teachers more emails than I usually would in a month. In a way, I philosophise that it’s good for me, to be finally be dragged away from everything (even if it’s by force) but I’m not feeling it. In fact, I’m just irritable. And I hate it.

I want to feel good. I want to feel rested. I want to feel grateful for this break. But I’m just not like that. I’m the type of person who likes to work their head off then take a break after they’ve finished. But no, I have all this work piled up and when I’m well again, I have to work double as hard to get it finished and back on track. DAMN YOU IMMUNE SYSTEM! *shakes fist*

On a happier note, I’ve have been lying on my butt all day (even though I haven’t exactly requested it) and I’ve nearly finished the Lizzie Bennet Diaries! Only three more episodes to go!! And the other two nice highlights of my week were going to my cello lesson wearing a facemask (Ah, my Russian teacher made everything seem alright for that lovely half an hour) and a pleasant surprise in my mailbox the other day. Apparently, I am selected for the multicultural speaking competition, and even though I haven’t done anything like this since sixth grade, I was very happy to have been chosen. That is, before the waves of terror engulfed me. Currently, I’m trying to serenade one of my friends to give me a copy of her last year’s speech but that isn’t going so well. Oh wells. I’ll figure something out.

Another thing frustrating me is Studio Ghibli. I love Studio Ghibli, if you don’t know by now. I know and adore all of their films. I know exactly when and where their events are held. I have the premier dates of the latest movies in my calendar. I watched through the whole two hour concert on youtube. (The 25th anniversary one where you can find here). BUT I CAN’T PARTICIPATE IN ANY OF IT. I’ve rewatched the trailer for the latest film The Wind Rises (here) BUT I CAN’T WATCH THE MOVIE. I know when the movies are playing in the Prince cinemas in London (I’ve memorised the whole timetable) BUT I AM STUCK HERE IN SYDNEY. Is anyone else facing frustrations of this sort? Book signing by your fav author in another country? Favourite band playing in a slightly different from where you are? Let me know in the comments!


About everburningcinders

So so...where to start? Well, for starters, I can say that I'm one of those kinds of people that don't care about their hair, or desperately need another pair of shoes. In fact, if you see me, you wouldn't notice me at all. I'm just the shadow, sticking to the walls, head buried in a book or eyes glazed over in a daydream. I want to be listened to and I want to be appreciated. My moral in life: Life is life. Believe in it and suck it up. I look forward to meetin' ya all!
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