Hey there, guys! Feeling extremely happy for some reason and decided to make a post in celebration of it. It’s never occurred to me how hard it is to simply just feel happy, just to appreciate the sun shining (Well, more like appreciate the beautiful light that’s coming off my barbie lamp, it’s kind of not sunny right now in Australia) and I just feel happy. Which is kind of a rare occurrence on the holidays, I tend to overthink things a whole lot more during these times, I’ve thought about the catastrophes of the world, nerdfighters, anime, how to get out of shopping with my mother, how procrastination makes me feel bad (bad, as in the opposite of happy) but I still can’t stop doing it, how to cook the pigeon outside of my window, and all of this while on my bed! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

So yeah, my head’s not entirely on the ground yet, but still, happy. Happy is good! It’s nearly the end of the holidays and then I’ll have to go back to school (UGGGGGG) which makes me feel not good but happy all the same because then I’ll actually be forced to do something and be forced to climb over the brick wall of laziness that I’ve constructed with one arm while sleeping on my face or reading in bed (oh, how I adore reading in bed).

I would like to say I’ve done a lot of things these holidays but that is, unfortunately, not true. I have thought about lots of things, but I haven’t exactly achieved lots of things.

A list of things of my achievements these holidays that my mother would think aren’t really achievements but self proclaims to make myself feel better:

1. I bought five books these holidays (Yippee, yippee, yippee ‘Stop wasting your money on these things, do you know how much space they take up when we have to move?’)

2. I, uh, read a lot (‘And that’s going to help you pass your tests. I better see better grades for geography or science next term, young lady, or else I’ll be locking that shelf over there away.’)

3. I have slept a lot more and those eye bags are starting to fade! (‘You would be able to sleep a lot more during school term if you did your homework earlier!’)

4. I have…-okay, this list is starting to make me depressed-

So there you go! My one last holiday of relaxation before my next one full of cramming for the yearlies. How about you? What did you get up to this winter break (or summer break or autumn break or spring break, where ever you live is fine or even if you’re not having a break since you’re out of school, if you have something to rejoice, complain, yell out, there’s a box below this post in which you are free to say whatever).

And to finish this post off real happy-style, a vlogbrother’s video! (That made me happy. :))

About everburningcinders

So so...where to start? Well, for starters, I can say that I'm one of those kinds of people that don't care about their hair, or desperately need another pair of shoes. In fact, if you see me, you wouldn't notice me at all. I'm just the shadow, sticking to the walls, head buried in a book or eyes glazed over in a daydream. I want to be listened to and I want to be appreciated. My moral in life: Life is life. Believe in it and suck it up. I look forward to meetin' ya all!
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