The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness

Todd Hewitt is the last boy in Pren­tis­stown. But Pren­tis­stown isn’t like other towns. Every­one can hear every­one else’s thoughts in a con­stant, over­whelm­ing never-ending Noise. There is no pri­vacy. There are no secrets.

 Or are there?

Just one month away from the birth­day that will make him a man, Todd unex­pect­edly stum­bles upon a spot of com­plete silence.

Which is impossible.

 Pren­tis­stown has been lying to him.

And now he’s going to have to run…

My guttural reaction to this book:




There are so many dystopian books out there (it’s really starting this new trend) but The Knife of Never Letting Go has definitely been marked by a long shot as my favourite. Still blown away. Wow.

My first fully formed after recovering was that Ness doesn’t delve into all the scientific stuff about this alien new world; it’s rather simple actually, a convenient setting where he can truly capture the nature of mankind and their emotional and behavioural philosophy. His style of writing left no gap where I just put down the book and go, ‘Alrighty then, I’ll take a shower/eat/sleep/perform my necessary duties in order to live and finish it later.’ The scenes just strung me along, like I was on some kind of ride, some exhilarating, non-stop rollercoaster, even the quiet, wonderful moments in the story.

(Not trying to give anything away but one of my favourite scenes was the ‘Here’ scene. Just beautiful.)

And the characters. Oh, the characters. It’s a shock to think that they’re not real people, real living, breathing, feeling, growing people. They are so well developed, especially Todd. I felt that half of the book was centred around moulding him; his loss of innocence, his new friendships, his growth. It was amazing to go back to the front of the book and read how different he was and compare it to him at the end of book and go,’ Yeah. I’ve seen him grow. I know how he got there. Every step of the way.’ I kind of felt like a parent. All the characters were done just as well, Viola, Aaron, and even Manchee, the dog.

Even the style of the words were powerful. The story is narrated through words like ‘cuz’, ‘yer’ and ‘tho’, but it’s not a bad thing. You get used to it after a while and then it really feels like you are hearing Todd, cuz that’s the way he speaks. The book is brutal at times (both graphically and emotionally) but I reckon it adds an edge on things, sharpening the harsh reality of humankind.

All in all, The Knife of Never Letting Go is the first book in a while that I can say is truly amazing by all standards and has truly moved me. Truly. Of course, people will disagree but this is just my opinion and how I was affected. Feel free to comment if you do, I’ve been reading the reviews on Goodreads and they are extraordinarily diverse, ranging from five stars to just one. I still recommend this marvellous book though and am dying to get hold of the second.

‘Ulti­mately I think this is a story about hope. About grow­ing up in bleak and des­per­ate soci­ety and the dif­fi­cult choices we are forced to make along the way. About love and loy­alty between true friends, the evil that men can do, and strength and courage to stand against it. The Knife of Never Let­ting Go is a fan­tas­tic dystopian tale that sur­passes any I have read before. Patrick Ness has weaved together com­plex ideas of author­ity, con­trol, oppres­sion, sex­ism, equal­ity and moral­ity in one thrilling adven­ture. One I won’t be able to stop think­ing about for days after­wards — the sign of a truly pow­er­ful piece of fiction.’

-Paragraph taken from Turn The Page, read its review here:

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