My part for the Picture it and Write this week:


I will build a museum
About you.
Fill it with your displays
Of love, affection and kindness.
Bury your acts
Of betrayal, anger and violence.
Present the guides with speeches.
‘He was a good man.’
‘He lived a good life.’
‘He did good things.’
You need to despair.
I will make sure
That you will be forever remembered in a halo of light.
I will enhance your life like no other.
I willl spark colours in you
That you never had.


About everburningcinders

So so...where to start? Well, for starters, I can say that I'm one of those kinds of people that don't care about their hair, or desperately need another pair of shoes. In fact, if you see me, you wouldn't notice me at all. I'm just the shadow, sticking to the walls, head buried in a book or eyes glazed over in a daydream. I want to be listened to and I want to be appreciated. My moral in life: Life is life. Believe in it and suck it up. I look forward to meetin' ya all!
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11 Responses to Museum

  1. kingsleycw13 says:

    ‘…spark colours…’, ‘bury your acts of betrayal…’ Great lines here, really enjoyed this! šŸ™‚

  2. Ermilia says:

    I can see the speaker in two different ways. In the first, the speaker is a loved one trying to honor a recently diseased loved one. They want to put a filter on their friend or family member so that only the good parts of his or her life is remembered. In the second, the speaker is a museum curator, trying to get the most out of an exhibit regardless of the truth. Instead of a random mummified child, they fabricate a story.

  3. You created a wonderful tie-in between the beautiful butterfly and the skull; very deeply profound…!

  4. Anne Schilde says:

    Interesting. We’re never really more than our legacies are we?

  5. A Mushy Rat says:

    Interesting piece! Makes me wonder if History is really what was or just another fabricated tale.

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