before i fall by Lauren Oliver

I was originally searching for Delirium in the library but found out that it was reserved. Poo. Instead, I went back to th shelves to pick another book on the sheepish request of the librarian and found before i fall from the same author. I briefly scanned the blurb.

‘Samantha Kingston has it all…another day…her last…living the last day of her life seven times…untangle mystery surrounding her death…true value…’

Heh. Sounded pretty interesting. So five minutes later, I walked out of the library pretty satified with the book tucked under my arm. I started reading it straight away. What stood out straight away was Samantha, or Sammy’s lifestyle. Coming from a pretty strict asian background, sex before marriage, drinking and rejecting your studies is a big no-no. Sam did all of these. I disliked her friends too, their attitudes and behavior, but I pushed it all away and ploughed on. The story was more important.

This plot is pretty hard to work with but Lauren Oliver has made it into an amazing story. I was with Sammy all the way, from the moment of her death, to the moment that she woke up again and it was Friday, the 12th of February, the day of her supposed death. Through the relivings of her day, she finds and puts together missing pieces of a jigsaw; of herself and everyone else in her community. Scenarios are replayed, taking completely different turns as each day is replayed over and over again. Little features of the story unravel then weave together again, tighter than before. I grow to love Sam and her little group of friends, although shallow and unthinking at times, these girls have a strong bond and are heartwarmingly caring and loyal to each other. A heart wrenching story about a friendship, love and what is right, Lauren Oliver has this one down pat, there is no question about that.

Overall, I can sum up the book with one word: beautiful. It is beautiful. And totally recommended for all of you 😀

On an entirely different note, Easter is coming up, isn’t it? I would like to take this chance, through a mouthful of chocolate, to remind all of you guys that Easter isn’t just about bunnies and eggs, it’s about Jesus, sacrifice and the ultimate gift as well. Happy Easter, everybody! 🙂


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