Dosterra by K. Esta

So, as requested, I have done a book review for K. Esta’s story,  Dosterra! As I said before in my last comment, sci fi isn’t my main genre but I have read past sci fi books that I have loved, such as Hover Car Racer by Matthew Reily. I read the six chapters published and I think that overall, the story is quite good and shows signs of a promising plotline.

This story is covered around the popular sci fi topic; A new world set in the future with extremely advanced technology. After reading the first chapter, I got the gist of the story, although I had to read over all of scientific explanations twice, to let the meaning sink in.  The overall feel of the chapter was provoking and intrigueing, the situation that the characters were in felt somehow the same as the stereotyped sci fi novel, yet it had its quirks that made it a bit unique to itself. I enjoyed reading the little witty comments placed in the dialogue, they made the story feel as if it was being lifted and made the reading light after the heavy action and dynamic changes in the plot.

The first chapter was the hardest start to me, I had to force myself to start reading again after I started to just scan over the words. This might be just me however, die hard sci fi readers may love the chapter and after, I admit the rest was easier to read as I had an idea of the situation and the environment the characters were in. I loved the cliffhangers at the end of each chapter and truly did start to enjoy the story from around chapter 3 onwards.

I recommend this story for experiences sci fi readers, maybe to a few new readers who are brave enough to try it. Do not be put off the story by the old and worn topic, the story has a modern and refreshing feel and I promise it will be an enjoyable read. Looking forward to the rest of the story!


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