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I’ve always wanted to go to the moon. Look up at the stars, So far away. It’s always been something to wish for, Something to hold onto. A dream. Yet when I imagine What happens when I get there, Fathomless. … Continue reading

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Chocolate cake: Cut or Uncut?

Is it possible for a cut chocolate cake to be better than a uncut one? An uncut cake resembles perfection Pureness A cut cake resembles acceptance Sharing Warmness in imperfection So which one is better? Cut or uncut?

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before i fall by Lauren Oliver

I was originally searching for Delirium in the library but found out that it was reserved. Poo. Instead, I went back to th shelves to pick another book on the sheepish request of the librarian and found before i fall … Continue reading

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Drunk on Literature

Drunk on Literature Words unfurl and tiptoe into my head; I take a sip of whisky. They sweep and clear my troubles away; Cherry wine slips down my throat. The letters storm and spark a fire inside of me; I … Continue reading

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Someone’s watching me, I know it. I smooth out my skirt, pat my hair. Quickly I glance around. Someone is watching me. I stand up and grab my pencil and sharpener. I smoothly walk until I suddenly stumble upon an … Continue reading

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It’s that time of the year…

To reread the whole Harry Potter series! Have fun reading everyone! 🙂

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Do not contradict me I know who I am The question is Who are you?

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